Our core value of lagom permeates throughout the company and in everything we do; from decision making to the length of our working day. It provides the balance and level which means we do great work for clients and live happy and healthy lives.

The world may be vast and full of wonder, but we are proud to be based in East Anglia, UK.

Norwich – in the beautiful county of Norfolk. Our lovely mid-century modern inspired office in the heart of the city centre is a brilliant place to meet and work.

Anywhere – We love to travel and we’ve always got our passports at the ready, but Google Meet is alright too we suppose. National and international hospitality marketing means that our home could be anywhere, so we are wherever you lay your hat.

The mathematical bridge in Cambridge
Eaton Park bandstand in Norwich
A view down the Norwich lanes
View through the window at NOVI bar and kitchen
View of Cambridge street
View over Norwich Market

Passionate, creative, service-driven, collaborative, caring, proactive, quality-obsessed, honest, talented, humorous, technical, insightful, logical, approachable, agile. Always lagom.

World-class campaigns

Win awards

Make things, break things

Value relationships

Plant Seagrass

Do ordinary

Let awards define us

Work without reward

Sacrifice quality for profit

Waste carbon

FLOCC marketing agency office in Norwich